Hello World!

Hello world!

My name is Kim T.N. I was born in a small country in Southeast Asia, and have been learning English for 4 and a half years now (which mean I’m apologizing in advance to anyone who gets annoyed by my grammar).

A Little bit about what I like: I like art (a lot!), but mostly hand on arts such as drawing, painting, and ceramics. I also enjoy learning about other countries and their cultures (I’m obsessed with Korean music and in love with Thai lakorn). Along with that, I also like to travel and the idea of traveling just makes me happy.

That’s also why I started this blog: “Within the Earth”.  I want to share my feelings, researches, tips and tricks that I learned with people who also love to travel. For me, I didn’t have much chance to travel because first, I’m still a student (which mean I have money crisis); second I have a small sister who doesn’t like to get out of the house with the exception of going to school or going to my grandpa’s house.

But I still love traveling, and I think this blog is going to be a great place for me to say what I know and research about what I don’t know. Also, the photos that are on this blog are probably not going to be my pictures, but don’t worry, I’ll put the sources underneath every picture.


This is me somewhere around Niagara Falls


This is me with my aunt’s puppy-Little Bear (I failed to name him Wolfie)


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