Why You Should Travel?

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience, to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience” – Eleanor Roosevelt
And what is the better way to reach out to the world and learn new things other than to experience it? Well, that is a benefit of traveling. But there are more than just that.

Travel helps you learn new languages

Don’t you just love to impress your classmates or co-workers with a few words in Russian? Or say thank you in Japanese? Or even throw out some Australian slangs? Then what are you waiting for? Go and experience it.

Travel helps you see the world through different perspective

People, cultures, laws, religions and many other things can now be seen in other perspectives. You might meet up with people who are completely different from you. You might taste the foods that you have never know that they actually exist. Seeing the world by yourself will improve your vision and hopefully change the way you see the reality (in a more positive way I hope!).

Photo credit to: @voyage_provocateur

Travel gives you cool stories

Well, wouldn’t it be awesome to start your story with “Last winter, in Alaska…” It would give you some points immediately since not everyone experienced what you did in Alaska. Therefore, they are most likely gonna be so interested in what you gonna say.



Photo credit to: @voyage_provocateur

Travel gives you a sense of accomplishment

Travel was a dream. Travel was also a challenge. But when you passed it, nothing else will stand in your way anymore (well, at least I hope not!)

Travel helps you understand more about yourself

You might have to deal with unexpected situations that might help you find something interesting about yourself that maybe you didn’t even know of. It might put a smile on your face, or a couple drops of tear on your eyes, but then you can grow stronger.  

Photo credit to: @miss_anastasia_u

Travel simply just for the sake of travel

Why travel? Well, because why not? Travel have never been this easy. So why not take advantages of it?


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