3 Reasons Why traveling Solo Is Awesome

Have you ever get frustrated because your mom doesn’t let you buy a souvenir while in a tourist place? Have you ever get annoyed when your little sister ask to go to the restroom every 10 minutes while walking down a street looking for a restaurant? Well, I have a solution for you, you can ACTUALLY travel by yourself.

Travel by yourself might sound a little bit lonely for some people, but really, I think being able to travel by yourself is crazily beneficial.

First, you get to do whatever and whenever you want.

You can eat breakfast at early as 4 am, or at late as 11:59 am, no one gonna complain about it. You get your freedom to explore whatever you want without having to talk about it with anyone else. So if you are a type of person who values your freedom and you have a free spirit, traveling solo might be a good idea for you.


Photo credit: @shangerdanger

Second, you will learn more things about yourself

Travel is an opportunity to question yourself and your ability. You might discover that you can successfully surf in 10 minutes of learning. Or you might learn that you can actually befriend with the flamingos. Or you might find out that you love the taste of the stinky tofu in China. You will never know about this if you don’t give yourself a chance to explore.


Photo credit: @sheisnotlost

Third, you might find you that traveling by yourself is not that bad

People often think that traveling alone as being lonely at a strange place. But it’s not. Traveling alone allows you to spend more time and focus more on yourself. It will take away the stress that you are dealing with, and maybe you will return with a fresher mind.


Photo credit: @voyage_provocateur


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