How to choose a destination to travel to?

You know you want to travel. But how are you going to decide where to go?

Well, for me, I always try to look for inspirations first (although sometimes I get lost in a massive amount of pictures). But here are some stuff that I usually look at:


There are a huge amount of crazy destinations here. But be wise because Greece and Italy are very popular on this site (which mean you would be most likely to put them on your Bucket List).


Photo credit: @doyoutravel


If you are a huge fan of just looking at the pictures (like me!), you can go to Instagram, then type on something that relates to travel, and there will be pictures of people traveling around the world for you to get inspired!

Travel Blogs

Not only there are tons of photos and ideas for your next trips, there are also a lot of tips and tricks that can be super helpful that you might end up using.

How I Can Afford to Travel Around the World. You Can, Too!

From I am Aileen

Luxury Guide to Singapore

From Hippie in Heels


Get inspired by celebrities and where they go (maybe you can catch them on the street buying ice cream).

After getting the inspirations, now come the harder part: narrowing down the list. I don’t know about other people, but this is the hardest part for me, so I suggest that you ask yourself these questions to make things a little bit easier. So here it goes:

  • What kind of weather do you want? Is it hot, cold, or rainy?

The South tends to be hot, while the North tends to be cold, as for the rainy, it might be in the middle. Just kidding. You should consider doing some research about the seasons (if you considered on traveling abroad, pay close attention because some countries only have 2 seasons), the weather of the month you want to travel so that you won’t end up staying in your hotel for your whole trip.

  • Do you prefer the beach, mountain, or city?

Do you want to do skydiving, or shopping at one of the crowded mall, or betting your luck at the Casino? If that sounds like you, then the city might fit you better. Or maybe you want to refresh yourself from the toxic chemical and escape? Consider on going to the countryside or the beach, maybe you can enjoy yourself more over there.


Photo credit: @everchanginghorizon

  • Are you going with your family, friends, or just yourself?

If you’re going with your friends or family, have a discussion with them. Find out what you both are interested in and work from there. Or if you want to travel by yourself, it’s all up to you now.


Photo credit: @gypsea_lust

  • How are you going to get there? Are you gonna drive, fly, or go to a cruise ship?

If you want to fly or go on a cruise ship, it’s very important that you book your seat early to avoid late fee or getting a seat that you don’t want. As for driving, consider driving your own car, or are you going to rent one.


Photo credit: @saltyluxe

  • Do you want to go on an adventure or just relaxation?

Do you want to try to learn something like a Thai massage, learn to cook traditional foods, or learn how to surf? Or you just want to lay by the beach and enjoy yourself and your favorite books?

  • How much time do you have?

Is it short like 1 or 2 weeks? Or is it a whole year? If it’s short, travel somewhere close so you don’t exhaust yourself. But if it’s long, plan to travel long distance. It could be from states to states, or from countries to countries.

  • And what is your budget? (if you have one)There are always plans that will fit your budget perfectly, so don’t worry too much about this part.

One thought on “How to choose a destination to travel to?

  1. This blog post is extremely helpful, in trying ti decide what to do to get ready to travel. I like that you gave me many things to think about in my process for traveling. Thank you!!!


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