My Childhood In Vietnam

So I guess this is my come out post since I haven’t mentioned where I’m actually from yet. Well, I’m actually from Vietnam-the Southern part of Vietnam.


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I lived about 30 minutes away from Saigon (now Ho Chi Minh city) thanks to Vietnamese low-speed limit and crazy traffic.


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Honestly, my elementary math skill increased a lot due to counting and adding all the numbers on the license plates while waiting in the traffic

But I’m not complaining because life back in Vietnam was the most enjoyable time of my life. It was chaos. It was crazy. But I enjoyed every moment of it (well, not so much when I get punished because of bad grades, but you get the idea).

I went to my grandma’s rice fields and covered my two legs with the fresh-rainy mud. I went to my relatives’ fruit gardens while almost gave my mom a little heart attack because she was afraid that the durians might break my head.


This is me when I was probably 3 years old standing on a rambutan tree


This is me stood next to the durian tree with lots of durians on it

And I went to my favorite beach-Vung Tau beach-every single year. Now, when I said that, people might think that the beach must be really really pretty because then why did I come back every single year? But no, it was nowhere near pretty. The water was not crystal clear. Foods and umbrella renting service was crazily expensive, but why did I come back? Well, that place holds a lot of my childhood memories. It was probably my first beach that I went to. It probably my first time drinking salty water. It was probably my first time eating fish balls with salt water (the fish balls fell into the water, I didn’t dip them). But most of all, it was probably my first time being friend with my cousin.


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I didn’t have any pictures of this beach just because I always ran to the beach as fast as I could before my parents can say anything


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