Traveling to Russia from A Native’s Perspective – Part 1

Russia is a mysterious country to many people, and to learn more about Russia is a must for travelers who thinking of going to Russia.

This perspective is from Kate K., a native Russian who used to live in Vladivostok. So here we go!  

  • What currency should travelers use while travel to Russia?

Rubles would be a good idea!

$1=₽58.58 (changes over time, so make sure to check the exchange rates before travelling)


  • Should travelers learn Russian before they travel to Russia?


Oh, the most important thing they should know about Russia is that Russia is a totally unique country. Travelers will experience so many different things that they couldn’t even think of! But the one thing they should prepare themselves for is that people in Russia might not seem as happy when you first see them. They won’t share much information about themselves if you just met them on the bus. Also, there will not be a small talk. But if they get to know them, they are most likely to open their hearts to you

  • Anything travelers should pay close attention to while traveling to Russia?

I mean, you should probably check the weather before you travel anywhere. But about communication with people, just be nice, but not too open and talkative. As I said earlier, Russians are not really open and they wouldn’t randomly talk to you even when you guys are riding on the same bus. When you meet someone new, men usually shake hands and women just greet each other.

  • Is it safe for foreigners to travel solo?

I would not recommend this, mostly because I would prefer not to travel alone. It’s not like we have bears walking on the streets, but in every city there’s some kind of mystery! It depends on what city you’re traveling to. If it’s a big city, I guess you would better meet up with a group of people and explore it, just because you never know what’s going to happen.

Храм Василия Блаженного

This is a picture of Saint Basil’s Cathedral

Photo credit: Photo credit: 


A close up picture of Saint Basil’s Cathedral 

  • Any recommended places for travelers to visit?

If talking about cities, I would recommend Saint Peters-burg. It’s just beautiful! I love this city, its architecture and everything. There’s also Moscow, but I don’t like it as much as Saint Peters-burg. Moscow is too gloomy for me and the people there are too spoiled.


Kate K. at the Winter Palace/Hermitage


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