Traveling to Russia from a native’s perspective – Part 2

So, to be continued of Part 1, here is Part 2!

  • So do you think backpacking safe in Russia?

Honestly, I’ve never actually seen anyone backpacking. Of course, there are tourists with backpacks, but I don’t think it’s the only thing you do. You wouldn’t want to walk around and carrying all your stuff with you.

  • Which one is more popular? Hotel or motel?

I haven’t actually seen many (or even any) motels around the country. Hotels are definitely more popular because, especially nowadays, every big city is trying to have one of those famous franchising hotels like Hilton.

  • Best time to go to Russia?

It depends on what city and what part of Russia you’re going to. If you are going to the West, to the cities like Moscow or St. Peters-burg, summer might not be the best time (especially August/September), because it rains a lot. But if you wanna see the white nights in June, go ahead! If you would like to visit Eastern parts of Russia, like the city I used to live in (Vladivostok), August and September would be the months with the sun and good weather!

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Kate K. at Lenin’s Mausoleum (Moscow)

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Kate K. at Square/Monument to the Fighters for Soviet Power (Vladivostok)

  • Any interesting festivals that travelers should attend?

To be honest, I think it’s better to travel to Russia when there are no festivals or events are going on. The streets are usually closed and the main sightseeing might be too (that happened to me a couple times when I was traveling around myself).

  • What are some Russian foods that travelers must eat?

I would try blini (really thin pancakes) with caviar or sweetened condensed milk. And also borscht, yes, that red soup you’ve probably heard about. It’s not an actual soup, but I don’t know a different way to explain it. These are my favorite types of Russian food.


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