Vietnam: Where the Southern Locals Go

Vietnam is getting more and more popular nowadays. The country gets a lot of visitors from many countries around the world. They come to see the museums that displayed information and things from the war along with visited some of the top attractions. But if they really want to know more about the local Vietnamese, here are where they should come:

Đà Lạt (Da Lat)

I can say that this one by far is the most popular one among the Southerners in Vietnam. It’s a combination of nightlife city and romantic countryside. Every Vietnamese that I met either been to this place many times, or heard of this place many times.

Photo credit: @quang_quick

You can visit the local farms (I think strawberry farms and grape farms are the most popular)

Photo credit: @ladnevaksu

This a hotel in Dalat called Hang Nga Guesthouse ( also know as Crazy House) with odd construction. 

Photo credit: @saravdvel

Dalat is also famous for its waterfalls, so there are lots and lots of waterfalls along with many interesting activities around it. 

Photo credit: rachel.erin630

Làng Nổi Tân Lập

This is a new place that was discovered not too long ago (probably 2014 or 2015 so I don’t think people have an English name for it yet). That being said, since not many people know about this place, things are probably cheaper, and foods probably taste more local.

Photo credit: @nganduong694

This place is also located in the province that I’m from so I guess I’ll visit this place when I have a chance to go back. 

Photo credit: @tuyenn_vux_

Vũng Tàu (Vung Tau Beach)

If you read my other blog “My Childhood In Vietnam”, you probably see me mentioned this. If Da Lat is famous for its city and landscape, Vung Tau Beach is known for its beaches and sea foods.

Photo credit: @baobao_13

The Vung Tau lighthouse.

Photo credit: @_h.r29_

I have probably mentioned this, Vung Tau is not one the prettiest beach with clear, crystal water. Instead, Vung Tau is just a “normal” beach that has colorful umbrellas covered the majority of the area. 

Địa Đạo Củ Chi (Cu Chi Tunnels)

This is part of where the Vietnam war happened, and it’s getting more and more popular as the foreign travelers want to learn more about the Vietnamese history.

Photo credit: @ranceelgin


Photo credit: @daria_and_charles_webb

This is how people get inside the tunnel. Lat time I went (probably 2010-2011, my group had a tour guide who know the area very well and he led us through the tunnel. I’ll recommend that you will get one too, just in case)


Photo credit: @pacificdiscovery

This is inside one of the tunnels. As you can see, it’s really really small. So if you know you want to get inside the tunnel, make sure that you wear comfortable clothes (probably not skirt or dress). 


Suối Tiên (Suoi Tien Amusement Park)

If you have limited time, this is where you should go to just spend a day or even a few hours here. Tickets are cheap (guaranteed under $10 per ticket), and what you experienced here are amazing. The landscaping and attractions here focused on the Vietnam’s history, legends, and Buddhism-the largest religion in Vietnam (but don’t worry if you’re not into religion, there are many other things there for you to enjoy).

Photo credit: @vietcuong0710
Photo credit: @natsukiiiii6144
Photo credit: @jun_0829

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