Exotic fruits to try while you’re in Southeast Asia

It’s so weird to me that the fruits that I ate every day back in Vietnam are considered as exotic fruits in most countries around the world. I mean, my relatives grow those fruits in their backyards. But anyway, these are the “exotic” fruits that I think people should try when they visit Southeast Asia.


The main producer of lychees is China, follow by India and other Southeast Asian countries. The outside of the fruit is pinkish-red, sometimes mix with a little bit of orange with a slightly rough texture. Fresh lychee is mainly sweet with a slight taste of sour (very very little). You can find lychee in a can too! (especially in the U.S. at most international markets; however, lychees in a can taste much much sweeter)

Photo credit: http://www.britannica.com


Okay, I get this. Durian is the smelliest fruit in the world, and most people won’t even try them because they can’t stand the smell. But trust me, I been through this. Durian is smelly, but it tastes nothing like any fruit that you ever have before. It’s the combination of sweet and creamy. And if you want to try durian without having to smell too much of its smell, the best solution is to eat frozen durian. It won’t be as creamy, but it would taste like ice cream, durian ice cream.


Photo credit: http://www.mnn.com

I would recommend that if you think you can’t handle the smell of durian, cover your nose and then try your first bite just to taste the taste of it.


Photo credit: birujentayu.wordpress.com

I think this is by far the most popular durian recipe that I saw: durian crepe. It lightens up the strong smell of durian which makes it smellable. It also added cream cheese/sour cream to it.

Dragon fruit

I remembered my grandma used to grow the dragon fruit tree in front of her house and when the season come, my cousins and I would fight for the fruit. Most dragon fruits in Southeast Asia have dark pink almost magenta skin with either white or magenta color inside. The special thing about dragon fruit is that there are lots and lots of seeds. But don’t worry because they are all eatable. 


Photo credit: http://en.vietdragonfruit.com


My sister called this the hairy-fruity-kind-of-fruit since there are lots of rinds. The rambutan tastes similar to the lychee.


Photo credit: https://greenblender.com


Redish-purple outside and super white inside is the mangosteen. The taste of mangosteen is like the combination of strawberry and peach. I saw mangosteen in a can version at the international market too, but I actually never try it so I don’t know much about the can version.


Photo credit: http://www.vegetafruit.com


Small, chewy, and sweet are the longans. This is my favorite fruits whenever the season comes; however, my mom always thought that longan is the cause of my pimples so I never get to enjoy much of it. Also, my mom said that the smaller the longan is, the sweeter it is gonna be (I don’t know if that is true, though).


Photo credit: http://www.anaturalfarm.com

Star Apple

I love star apple. Back when I was in Vietnam, my best friend’s house has two of the star apple tree, and her parents always gave me the smallest yet sweetest fruits that the trees had.


Photo credit: http://www.vegetafruit.com

Her parents always gave me the purple one and I think that the purple one looks so much prettier!!


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