How to improve your travel photography skill?

I am personally not that great at taking pictures (but I’m not that bad at it either). So I always try to improve my skill. Here are some tips that are actually helped me.

So before you take the pictures:

You will need good lighting. You probably won’t need an expensive camera to take good pictures (although I think it would be super duper awesome if you do), but you will definitely need good lighting.

Check this out if you want to know more about lighting.

The Importance of light in Photography

Research your destination. You might find a beautiful tree, or flowers, or cool texture design on a building. Just look around and see what might catch your eyes. Also, another thing to consider is time of day. It could be the beautiful sunrise or sunset, or it could be the city lights at midnight.


Photo credit:


Photo credit: @simplycities


Photo credit: @simplycities

During the process of taking pictures:

Decide what you want to stand out the most. Maybe the art graffiti art on the wall, maybe the glossy-clear-crystal-beach, or maybe the outfit that you are wearing.


Photo credit: @bridgethelene

Take a series of shots at different angles

Photo credit: @misswen

Just snap some pictures and pick your favorite later. Also, it will give you a variety of pictures and not just one kind of picture, so that is a plus I guess.

Be as natural as possible

This step sometimes can be hard because I know that some people just can’t get comfortable in front of the camera. But you know, you can practice, or maybe try these out.


Photo credit: @bridgethelene

You can find a friend (or a group of friend) to take pictures with you. More people equal more fun. And if the pictures still look awkward, well, you’re not the only one that is in the picture anyway.


Photo credit: @bridgethelene

You can walk, run, dance, or even jump to take picture. The options are never limited to just stand still. Doing something with your body would not only make you feel more comfortable while taking the picture, but it would also make your picture looks more interesting.


Photo credit: @bridgethelene

Taking picture from the behind wouldn’t be too bad either since you can show off you cool outfit while making silly face and no one would know.


Photo credit: @viviannn_v

Or if you just suck at taking picture, just grab a puppy, or cat, or whatever cute little thing that you see and take a picture with it since that cute little thing always wins in this difficult situation.

After you take the pictures:

Save your pictures just in case your phone doesn’t have enough storage (like mine).

Edit your favorite pictures

This step depends I guess. Some people might like to edit their photos, some might not. Personally, I do like to edit my photos. And since I only use my phone to take pictures, I only know how to edit them on the phone apps. My favorite apps are VSCO and Camera360.

Also, if you have an Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat account, you can edit your photo there as well.

Check these links out!

The 10 Best Photo Editing Apps For iPhone (2017 Edition)

15 best Photo Editor Apps for Android

And last but not least, share them. Trust me, you will be so proud of how much you improved when you look back at your old pictures.

Have fun!


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